Heating and Oil Services in Central Valley, NY

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From fuel oil to boilers, at H. Reynolds & son, we are constantly striving to bring you the most advanced products. Coastal Next Generation Heating Oil is one example. This superior product actually cleans your oil burner while it heats your home...at the same low cost. Its special additives improve the overall efficiency of your boiler, providing fuel stability, corrosion protection, and water protection as well as extending the life of the fuel pump, filter and burner nozzle.

We also sell and service highly efficient quality boilers and furnaces. Products like these are making it easier to choose oil heat over other heating systems.
Heating boiler — Boiler Installations in Central Valley, NY
Technician servicing heating boiler — Boiler Installations in Central Valley, NY
Man hands setting the temperature of water in Electric Boiler — Boiler Installations in Central Valley, NY

Automatic Delivery Service

Automatic delivery is the preferred way of supplying deliveries to your home. Deliveries are calculated from our degree day system which will ensure a continued supply of fuel.


  • 275 tanks - .02 cents
  • 550 tanks - .03 cents
  • 1000 tanks - .04 cents

Will Call Customers

For the customer who prefers to be on a will-call basis. A customer is required to call our office for deliveries.

  • Conditions - Must give 48 hours notice for delivery Minimum 150 gallons per delivery
  • Discounts - Up to 150 gallons - No Discount. 150-200 gallons - .02 cents. 200-300 gallons - .04 cents.

Budget Program

We offer a 12 month budget program that takes your estimated yearly average of oil consumption and divides your payments over 12 months. Budgets start in June of any given year. Starting this year we will require that all budget accounts be paid in full with your May payment. Starting in June we will offer interest of a 1/2 or .5 percent per month on all credit balances.

Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Service is available without a contract, and will be billed at our normal rate. We do however, recommend taking advantage of one of the following contracts:

Burner Service Contract #1 (Cleaning Only)

Checking and Cleaning: head assembly, oil strainers or filters, burner fan and motor, ignition system and oil burner controls. This step should be done once a year during summer months.

  • Replacing: Nozzle, oil filter element and any air filters.
  • Lubrication: oil burner, blower bearings and motor on warm air furnaces. Circular bearings and motor on hot water systems.
  • Adjustments: fire for efficient combustion & oil burner controls.
  • Efficiency Test: to be performed as well as a safety shut down.
  • Recommendations: as to condition of unit.

Antifreeze will be tested. Antifreeze will be added to bring the freeze temperature to -20%. We will only bill for the antifreeze

  • Note: Please contact our office for information on parts not covered under this agreement.

Burner Service Contract #2

Includes Contract #1 plus:

Service as required due to failure in proper performance of burner control EXCEPT when such failure is due to:
  • Lack of oil where customer is not on automatic delivery or is behind on payments.
  • Failure of customer to maintain proper boiler water and steam levels.
  • Emergency switch is in the OFF position.
  • Blown fuses or breakers.
  • Thermostat not calling for heat including clock thermostats.
  • Burner is plugged with dust, lint or pet hair.


Note: Above are correctable without the aid of a burner technician. Customer will be charged for a service call at our hourly established rate.

Repair or Replacement of Following When Worn Out Due To Normal Use:
Oil Burner Parts: burner motor, transformers, 24 volt transformers' oil pumps, porcelains, circulator motors, circular couplings, blower motors.

Oil Burner Controls: thermostats, air stats, pressure controls, combustion controls, fan limit controls, stack relays.

Burner Service Contract #3

Includes Contracts #1 & #2 plus:
  • Extended Repair Or Replacement When Worn Out Due To Normal Use.
  • Expansion tanks, water feed valves, relief valves, zone valve motors, air ejector valves, steam relief valves.

  • Does not cover circulator bearing assembly, direct drive circulator motors, complete circulators, and blower bearings.
  • Aqua stats are not covered under any contract.
  • Complete changing of zone valves because parts are unavailable or when completely irreparable will be chargeable.